While the room was getting more crowded every minute, the tension grew in the room for Sandra to arrive:

19:51:52 <~SNF-Lee> the chat is moderated now
19:51:59 <~SNF-Lee> I see sandra is already checking in.
19:52:13 <~SNF-Lee> and if it stays this crowdy we can open the chat
19:54:03 <@SNF-Marus> okeej people who can read this she is on her way!
19:58:55 <@SNF-Marus> We are now waiting for sandra, she is on her way to the chat. You cant talk now only read because we catch up sandra first now!
19:59:03 <@SNF-Marus> please have patience!
20:03:20 <@SNF-Marus> hello
20:03:39 <@SNF-Marus> We are now waiting for sandra, she is on her way to the chat. You cant talk now only read
20:04:03 <@SNF-Marus> because we want to catch up sandra and setup her chat
20:04:34 <@SNF-Marus> please be patience

The waiting was over!
[2008-02-06 - 20:07:55] *** SandraNasic [enters] #SNF. 20:08:03 <~SNF-Lee> hi sandra
20:08:04 <@SNF-Marus> Hi sandra!
20:08:09 <@SNF-Margo> Hi Sandra! How are you doing? Nice to see you again!
20:08:13 <@SNF-Marus> Welcome on your fansite!
20:08:18 <~SNF-Lee> :)
[2008-02-06 - 20:09:12] *** SNF-Lee [ops] SandraNasic. 20:09:22 <~SNF-Lee> heey :)
20:09:24 <@SNF-Marus> HI!
20:09:46 <@SNF-Marus> Welcome here! Nice to see you here!
20:09:54 <@SandraNasic> ups,my computers slow 20:10:11 <@SNF-Marus> then we share something
20:14:13 <@SNF-Marus> :Please everybody be patience Sandra is installing now!
20:18:24 <@SNF-Marus> People there is a little problem but please stay here it will solved soon
20:18:42 <@SandraNasic> o.k. now it should work. i like your site. very cool 20:18:59 <@SNF-Margo> How are you doing?
20:19:16 <@SNF-Marus> Hi Sandra! Welcome here!
20:19:19 <~SNF-Lee> :) thanks we work hard for it.. - it’s a site made by fans for fans.. - > it’s in tha name
20:19:47 <@SNF-Marus> we are glad you like it!
20:20:03 <@SNF-Marus> And very happy to see you here!
20:20:18 <@SandraNasic> good thanx. i just ecame out of the studio and may rs are death 20:20:36 <~SNF-Lee> okay then shall we start?
20:20:41 <@SNF-Margo> ohhh
20:20:52 <@SNF-Marus> Sandra can your pc handle all the questions?
20:20:59 <@SNF-Marus> :P
20:21:49 <~SNF-Lee> Okay we will give little groups of people voice. so everybody can talk!
20:22:04 <~SNF-Lee> at the end we can open up the chat
20:22:12 <@SandraNasic> maybe i should get a pc and throw this mac away 20:22:21 <@SNF-Marus> haha!
20:22:30 <@SNF-Marus> Always that mac!
20:22:30 <@SNF-Margo> please don’t do it
20:22:34 <~SNF-Lee> lol yeah apple suck :)
20:22:39 <@SNF-Margo> hehe
20:22:42 <@JensGoedde> do it;-))
20:22:45 <@FiXato-AFK> I’d be willing to pick it up for you ;)
20:23:16 <@SandraNasic> its really cool to see all u guys here 20:23:26 <@SNF-Margo> nice to see YOU here
20:24:33 <@SNF-Marus> Black no1, Dirty Mind das ewige Suharskin
20:24:39 <@SNF-Marus> please ask what you want
20:24:45 <+Sonja> ah thanx =) Lee
20:24:56 <~SNF-Lee> the people with a + before there names have voices.
20:25:21 <+Tamara> hi sandra it’s so nice to see you, my name is Tamara and I really admire your work :)
20:26:27 <+SugarSkin> Hey Sandra! Hope you’re feelin "schick" :) (wanna talk german, damn)... greetz from micky (Can`t login)

Special interest was shown in her song "Stop the crying": 20:26:34 <+Sonja> hey sandra, greetings from alex^^ =) when will "stop the crying" be released? amazon writes sth about 23th Dec?? 20:31:10 <@SandraNasic> i guess stop the crying wont be released. and its o.k. i would love to release mecasanova but i hawve to rite a new song 20:31:56 <+DirtyMind> Sandra: its ok? why? that song’s one of the best... 20:35:45 <@SandraNasic> i like stop the criyng but mecasanova is a better groove

A lot of people wanted to know about possible upcoming concert tours and ask her to come to their countries 20:24:55 <+black_no1> hi Sandra ;) have you got any brief idea as to you concert tour? ;) 20:26:39 <+DirtyMind> Well, what’s so special on Maquari? Any plans for tour? Festivals? And some fine pub in Berlin to stay for a night :) 20:27:24 <+Tamara> are you planing to come to Slovenia, Croatia or Serbia sometime? 20:27:55 <+SugarSkin> would like to habe a crazy gig in berlin... 20:32:17 <@SandraNasic> Im rehearseling with slome musicians at thae moment to py some showsthis year 20:32:39 <@SNF-Margo> promise me Columbiahalle please! 20:32:54 <+black_no1> are you going to visit uk anytime soon? 20:34:08 <@SandraNasic> i do nt know, howmany people would come to the show in the u.k. but i will make some cooool shows 20:38:00 <+Grozza> Sandra - there are rumours that you are going to visit Poland in February for promotional purposes - is that true ? 20:38:26 <+fusiv> hello Sandra, do you intend to still promote your album outside Germany? ;) I mean, maybe not an extensive tour, but showcases or something... at least in Portugal (<3) , you would have loyal public attending :P greetings :D 20:38:50 <+fusiv> any festivals? 20:41:03 <+InnocentFreak> Are You going to visit Poland soon? 20:47:20 <+Skoolstah> hello Ms. Nasic. pleasure meeting you again. it’s been awhile. :) 20:47:55 <+Skoolstah> here comes the question i’ve asked on every chat with you: any chance you’ll be throwing a gig in Iceland? ;) 20:40:25 <+InnocentFreak> Hey! When start Your concert tour? 20:40:54 <@SandraNasic> this year i hope 20:46:51 <@SandraNasic> you know what id lovme to make a concert just for u guys. where should it be??? 20:47:03 <@SNF-Marus> Holland! 20:47:07 <@SNF-Marus> Lowlands? 20:44:36 <+irage> heya Sandra) its very hard to leave here a message, we have a voice one by one and for a short period of time... bahh)) are you going to perform soon? 20:46:11 <~SNF-Lee> people who do are best to let everybody through 20:54:40 <+salex> Hey Sandra ! When you will come to Russia ? We are waiting !

She seems quite happy about her solo project: 20:34:33 <+Essncia> im really happy to talk to you again, sandra! please tell us: how is you solo career doing? is like you imagine it to be?=) 20:38:25 <@SandraNasic> yeah im quite happy about my songs but i wasnt happy bout the fever video 20:40:42 <+guananasic> Hey Sandra, congratulations on the new record! Why didn’t you like Fever video?

People also showed interest in her personal life: 20:40:51 <+sober> Sandra you have a pet? =) 20:43:00 <@SandraNasic> my cats are at my moms house and my boyfriend just gave me an aaquarium!!!chan u beliaeve this hha

20:43:39 <+poljak181> hi Sandra) My question isn’t about your work, but about your hobby)) 20:43:39 <+poljak181> As I know, you like fishing?)) How much weight your biggest fish? 20:43:40 <+poljak181> It’s really interesting for me+) 20:45:35 <@SandraNasic> it was a very ugly big fish about 45 cm long we ate it

20:46:14 <+irage> Sandra, what do you do during your free time? whats your favourite tv programm, btw? 20:48:09 <@SandraNasic> l.o.s.t 20:48:33 <@SNF-Marus> LOST? 20:49:06 <@SandraNasic> yap i love to watch lost

20:37:03 <+Grozza> Sandra - Do you still watch Star Trek and other SF movies ? :D 20:39:16 <@SandraNasic> i still love all sci fi stuff!!!

20:38:26 <+fusiv> ah, btw, how’s to be a 30 year old woman now? ;D 20:49:06 <+nadia> Hi Sandra nice to talk to you this way, Did you now that SNF Marus become 30 years old tomorrow? Happy birthday marus! 20:49:54 <@SandraNasic> 30 is just the beginning :) 20:50:00 <@SNF-Marus> Thank you Nadia! 20:50:03 <@SNF-Marus> hehe 20:50:08 <+nadia> haha

Unfortunately her connection went, but she returned: [2008-02-06 - 21:05:03] *** SandraNasic [enters] #SNF. 21:07:41 <@SandraNasic> puhh 21:09:02 <@SNF-Marus> Sandra, you have alot of new fans certainly in The netherlands, will you come to holland this year to play at some festivals or concerts? 21:09:47 <@SandraNasic> i hope to play everywhere but i couldnt book cloncerts tilll now i wi do it soont for festi vals iam maybe a bitw late buell try it :) 21:09:48 <guananasic> Liked that idea of a concert for us! Make it happen! Ok? OK? 21:10:26 <Tamara> Sandra, would you come to Serbia for the Exit festival? 21:10:26 <fusiv> SandraNasic any summer festival in PT? There are so many, you could come to just one :P 21:10:27 <dJ> TRY LOWLANDS!! 21:11:17 <@SandraNasic> i ll try it [2008-02-06 - 21:12:38] *** SandraNasic has left IRC. (Client exited) She returned again... But unfortunately lost her connection again...

Unfortunately there was not enough time for all the questions; here’s a selection of things people wanted to know: 20:35:41 <+dJ> ok i will go for a classic question: any plans on changing your hear colour or will you keep blonde :D 20:36:22 <+Grozza> Sandra - what came first to the album - music or lyrics ? 20:37:21 <+sober> Sandra you have songs which have not entered into an album (except for Ireen)? We can hear them on live performance?=) 20:51:45 <+Linda_Lee_Yoda> Great to see you here Sandra....thx for the great new album ....i was very surprised by your work. 20:52:28 <+Linda_Lee_Yoda> will you put new songs on your next single???

Even though her connection wasn’t very stable, everyone was really happy to see her and showed her that they loved her!: 20:40:42 <+MindFreak> Sandra! i’m a BIIIG fan of you since years, i’m from argentina 20:40:48 <+MindFreak> in here, we love you 20:27:53 <+DirtyMind> To everybody who knows: greetings from Lenka 20:36:02 <+Grozza> Hi Sandra ! Great you’re finally here with us :] 20:31:51 <+black_no1> well... first off, Sandra - you’re great :) but that’s pretty obvious ;) 20:36:45 <+sober> Hello Sandra! I am very glad to see you here! 20:42:05 <+guananasic> (L) 20:42:12 <+MindFreak> (L) 20:42:13 <+MindFreak> i got to go! SANDRA I LOVE YOU!! YOU ARE MY ANGEL!! KEEP ON ROCKIN’ ALWAYS!! 20:43:20 <@SandraNasic> bye, mindfreak

And some final comments from Sandra Nasic herself: I hope you all will come to visit one of my shows. Thank you all for being here. Lots and lots of kisses ~ Sandra Nasic

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