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Wednesday, 25-08-2010

Filip H.F. "FiXato" Slagter

Years ago, I got in touch with Aventure Media Hosting through my involvement as PHP Developer in the development of the XMB Forum Software.
Even though I have not been developing for them anymore for several years, I still have part of my hosting through them. However, expect most of my hosting to move to my slice over at nice guys at SliceHost, a brilliant VPS ISP.
If you decide to join them as well, please refer me at SliceHost Signup.

I was previously employed as a Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer through yoMedia where I worked on the online, mobile-oriented, media website, yoFriends.com (which is no longer available unfortunately).
This media community was oriented on both ‘regular’ as mobile web, and offered easy and quick web-based utilities to the users to view, upload, manage and edit all kinds of media such as video, audio, images and ringtones, as well as mobile games.

When yoFriends was finished, the focus of yoMedia shifted towards building and offering media-conversion back-ends and business to business content delivery systems. One of which is yoAPI which is used by for instance Radio538‘s DemoDuel and during at least 2 editions of the EO Jongerendag.

After about 3 years of interesting and challenging employment at yoMedia, we went our own ways. Currently I am focusing on my emigration to Norway and finding alternative employment there.

In my spare time I like to code under the name FiXato.
The products that I‘ve produced under this name in the past, and will produce in the future or am working on at the moment, are or will be available through the Downloads-Area.
Amongst which the hopelessly outdated FiXato XMB 1.8 ThemePack#3. More recent results of programming can be found in my public Git repositories over at GitHub.

A while ago the Sandra Nasic Fans website held a live chat with Sandra Nasic on the Chat4All IRC Network where I am a network-administrator.
If you missed it, you can read the Sandra Nasic live chat transcript I created from it.

More information about FiXato can be obtained through FiXato.nl, still hosted through Protagonist, and through several of my profile pages, such as:

Filip H.F. "FiXato" Slagter,
Founder of FiXato

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